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Welcome to our website.

Yes, I know my name is on the top banner, but this site is really our website, not mine.

It was developed to have free and open discussions about our sick healthcare system, the ones we were promised in 2008 but never got.

noBamaHere, there is no Washington politician proclaiming, “I know what is best for you, better than you do! Trust me!”

Here, no one is pushing their answer for healthcare on us. Here, together, we will discover our own answer for ourselves.

Here, no self-styled expert will look down his nose at you saying that healthcare is much too complex for you to understand. Instead, I offer you the evidence and say, check it out, then decide for yourself. When it comes to your healthcare, trust yourself, your doctor, and no one else.

Here, evidence is only two clicks away. Check out both WRITINGS and MEDIA. You have the books and articles, the original research and understandable numbers. Take the Tour, look around, and see for yourself.

Here, the NEWSLETTERS will identify issues in healthcare, our sick system. In the FORUM, you and I will discuss, well, anything that has to do with healthcare. We will follow the money trail to wherever it leads. After all, it is our money!

Here, you can question anything or say anything. You can agree or disagree, just don’t remain on the sidelines. You can attack ideas and actions, just not people.

Here, we will practice good medicine on our sick healthcare system. We start by simplifying. We will blow away the fog and the smoke. We will find truth in a sea of data overload and disinformation.

Here, you and I will find how much we really do have in common and how we can fix healthcare. We have to do that to protect our health and our children’s future.

I hope you will sign up for membership and join the community I like to call We The Patients. We all look forward to hearing what you have to say. And again, Welcome!

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