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The Cancer In Healthcare; How GREED Is Killing What We Love

Healthcare Has Cancer! You’re spending more and more (and more) on healthcare. Is Obamacare giving you what you want? Something is very wrong with our healthcare system. Some blame insurance companies. Some point to hospitals. Others accuse the government of being greedy for more power. But there’s something far more insidious and dangerous at work…. • Exemptions • Exchanges and that don’t work • Bureaucrats collecting all your private information • One side blaming the other • Who really is at fault? The Cancer in Healthcare: How Greed is Killing What We Love exposes the greedy behemoth that demands to be fed at the expense of our health and our future. But there’s hope! You can take control of your health and your health care. Liberal, conservative, libertarian, or independent-we are all Americans. We must fight this Goliath together. We need to take charge of healthcare and stop the out-of-control cancer that is killing everything we love.

For teaching purposes: The Cancer in Healthcare can be useful in higher learning, especially in management schools. Systems thinking is a vital part of any management curriculum. The Cancer In Healthcare is an excellent demonstration example of how systems thinking can be effectively applied to a “sick” system, such as healthcare.

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Uproot U.S. Healthcare

The “sickness” of our healthcare system affects everyone in our country. Washington cannot fix this broken system. Tweaking what we now have will not make it work. Only the public can fix healthcare. Uproot U.S. Healthcare is written for the average reader. It shows the root causes of healthcare system sickness, why prior attempts to fix it have failed, why recent healthcare “reform” must fail, and how the public can and will make healthcare healthy.

The book titled “Uproot Healthcare” (without the “U.S.”) was written just before Congress passed ACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act). That is available in hard cover on and from Trafford Publishing. Though the Act has little impact on my book’s message, I decided that any book that explains how to fix healthcare should include discussion of the self-styled healthcare reform bill. “Uproot U.S. Healthcare” is such a book.

At the request of several Universities, Deane re-inserted many management tools and teaching aides that the Editors had original deleted for brevity. These are particularly useful in didactic settings, just as the book itself is an excellent demonstration of the effective application of systems thinking. The text is the same as the original. The Expanded Second Edition is longer by all the teaching appendices and thus is $5.00 more expensive than the original.

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Cambio Radical al Sistema de Salud de los Estados Unidos


El sistema de salud de los Estados Unidos está tan “enfermo” que cada uno de los americanos sufre. Washington ha consistentemente hecho que la asistencia médica sea peor para nosotros, no mejor. Solo tú puedes componer la asistencia médica.

VERSIÓN EN ESPAÑOL Dr. Deane Waldman's Uproot Healthcare in Spanish

Cambio Radical al Sistema de Salud de los Estados Unidos fue escrito para TI. Muestra por qué nuestro sistema de salud está tan enfermo que corre el riesgo de morir; por qué los intentos anteriores de arreglar la asistencia médica la han empeorado; por qué Obamacare debe fallar, y cómo el público puede hacer saludable a la asistencia médica.

Para la enseñanza: El autor ha insertado muchas de las herramientas y las técnicas de gestión que utilizó para crear este libro, en conjunto con ayudas para el estudio. Estas adiciones van a asistir a los profesores de gestión y estrategia. De hecho, el libro en sí es una excelente demostración de cómo aplicar la disciplina del pensamiento sistémico a un sistema enfermo, como es la asistencia médica